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Green Hills School, with more than 60 years at the forefront of education, offers its students a warm and safe environment conducive to develop and be prepared in a comprehensive way for life.
Multidisciplinary, excellent and focused on the growth of the person in all its aspects: emotional, social and intellectual, GHS encourages the daily experience of universal values.
Green Hills School offers the ideal environment for students in Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School and High School to be prepared for success, with a unique educational model that also promotes care for the environment.

School News


Newsletter Enero 2024

Welcoming 2024
Labor Social
La fiesta del Siglo
Exploring Science
Proud to be Green
Medita México
Google School Reference
and more....

Newsletter Febrero 2024

Valentine's day
Valentine's assembly
Interactive Learning
Sistema monetario
Casas inteligentes
Natural disasters
and more...

Newsletter Nov-Dic 2023

Parent Empowerment & Medita México
Proud to be Green
Magistrados por un día
Project Based Learning
Arcoíris y Truchas
Cheer México
and more...

Newsletter Octubre 2023

Amazing Green Hills Learning
Más que una Escuela...una comunidad
Bullying: Prevención y Atención
Torneo de Calaveras 2023
Let´s go Team!
Intercambio Tae Kwon Do
Copa Fer Martí
and more...

Newsletter Ago-Sep 2023

Welcome Back to School!
Viva México!
Living around the world...
Proud to be Green
Toda una campeona!
Orgullo Greenhiliano
Reconocimiento a la Trayectoria
Toutes nos Félicitations
  • DALF
  • DELF
  • The Bizz Winner 2021
  • Gold Member
  • Latin American Quality Institute 2023
  • LAQI Impact Summit 2023
  • Latin American Quality Institute Premio Empresa Mexicana 2023
  • University of Cambridge
  • Worldcob Trust Seal
  • Escuela Promesa
  • CAVILAM Vichy Alliance Francaise
  • Edualia Canadian Education
  • Medita Mexico A.C
  • Columbia School
  • Hudson Global Scholars
  • ATI
  • Google