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GHS Educational Model


For Green Hills School, education is the intended perfection of all skills, that’s why for more than sixty years we have directed our efforts to develop the necessary elements so each boy and girl, consciously and responsibly, is able to achieve an ethical life project in which he/she will transcend positively in a personal, professional, and social level.

We count on a unique bicultural, co-ed and laic educational model that promotes high-order thinking skills as well as emotional intelligence development and incorporates technological innovations constantly to facilitate learning. Our model is focused on detecting and stimulating different potentialities in an active, warm, and personalized care environment.

Due to the fact that Green Hills School’s educational project has a global approach, our students obtain worldwide recognized international certifications in English and French. Our educational model has total bicultural English language immersion since Preschool and French starts in First Grade Secondary.


Green Hills School maintains high safety and meets all Civic Protection requirements. Our school has private police staff 24/7 guarding our school’s gates and facilities. Nannies are from 7:45 to 2:15 pm in bathrooms, students are never left alone in these areas. Green Hills School has a medical doctor and a paramedic from 7:30 am to 7pm to help students.


Green Hills School looks for our students’ understanding to keep their well-being being guided by respect, responsibility, honesty, and social commitment.  Our school has a Psychopedagogy Department working hand by hand with the General Direction to prevent, assist, and follow up all situations involving our students.