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Elementary San Jeronimo


Green Hills Elementary continues with an educational model with immersion in English and Cambridge certifications (YLE, KET, PET) to validate their level of English ending with PET (PRELIMINARY ENGLISH TEST) that has a B1 level according to the European Framework of Reference. Skills stimulation is developed by collaborative and cooperative learning based on projects. All grades enhance high performance in oral and written expression in both languages: English and Spanish.


Green Hills Primary works consistently and congruently with all values, integrating them, living them, and reflecting on them in all every day activities, so our students make them part of their daily lifestyles.


We have Accomplishment Centers in which our students find diverse learning experiences to develop their potentialities:


  • Art and Beat Zone
  • Science Lab
  • Robotics
  • Progrentis
  • Science Fest
  • Reading Adventure (Spanish)
  • Physical Education
  • Start-Up Kids (Financial &  Entrepreneurial Education)
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Mathematical Resourcefulness (Spanish)
  • My Projects (My Spanish)
  • My Learning Projects
  • Mindfulness Soul Evolution
  • Spin Zone
  • My emotions workshop

 We count with an excellent Psychopedagogy Department to observe, to detect, and to give educational follow up to all development areas according to the life stage of our kids.